5 Negotiation Tricks Smart Buyers Use To Get Better Property Deals


5 Negotiation Tricks Smart Buyers Use To Get Better Property Deals

Dubai real estate market is swarming with opportunities – all it needs is working with a professional estate agent to discover the veritable treasure trove of options for the customers. Since the market is evolving back after the global pandemic, property prices are on the rise again – it is the best time to invest in properties for sale in Dubai to earn revenue in the years to come. 

However, before buying properties for sale in Dubai, there is a lot to consider – especially, if you are a first-time buyer. We have recently discussed the property buying and selling process in Dubai with market experts at Amirah and the sales tips and tactics. In the following post, we will reveal a few negotiation tips for buyers on how to strike an incredible real estate deal. 

Nowadays, buying properties for sale in Dubai can be a daunting task both for a first-time buyer and a savvy investor. It is because the market is competitive right now, and the entire process seems overwhelming. However, using our experts’ tips can help you secure a better deal in the market.

Yes! When it comes to investing in properties for sale in Dubai, there is nothing like falling for a home that you saw at first. You may have felt an instant connection with a beautiful home but it does not mean that you should rush to meet the seller and start discussing payment terms. Doing your homework is crucial. Before making the next move, you should hire a professional company to conduct a valuation survey to ensure there are no hidden structural issues with the property. 

In any case, it is beneficial for you. For instance, if there is any major problem, you can step back from taking any initiative. Otherwise, if there are less significant issues – you can use that report to negotiate a better deal.

It is not wrong, if I state that it is the most important negotiation tip from industry professionals. Being a buyer, you must be sure about the market situation far before starting to inspect properties for sale in Dubai. You can start research about the best performing communities in Dubai, and the prices of properties there, before contacting a real estate agent. It is a common observation that buyers usually skip this step and put complete faith in sellers or agents – which can prove to be fatal for your financial health. 

Being informed about Dubai property market trends and current prices will make you stay one step ahead and help you negotiate a better deal with the seller.

When you have a fair understanding of the market and its happenings, it can help you decide where and what type of property is better for investment. Moreover, it will also allow you to explore the market and discover multiple alternative options to the types of property you want to buy. While considering the alternatives, the best practice is to compare property prices of all the types you want to buy and in areas that you are considering. To choose the best alternative, make sure to compare all the options against multiple factors including price, space, condition and location. 

There is also a huge difference between choosing properties for sale in Dubai for living purpose and for investment purpose. If you are buying an investment property, you must know what to consider while investing in buy-to-let properties in Dubai to grab a better deal. 

Working with a professional estate agent can help you learn the importance of being prepared to make an offer. Making an offer that is “too low” can sometimes hit back, as instead of negotiating, the seller can promptly refuse to deal with you. The amount that you quote for any of the properties for sale in Dubai must present a fine balance between the desire to secure the property of your choice and the best possible price that you can offer. Always come up with a credible offer, without offending the seller. 

At the same time, it is also advised by the industry experts that you should be completely aware of your finances and must quote a lower amount than your actual budget. Do not offer the maximum price (that you can pay) at the start of the discussion and leave room for negotiation. 

When you can click on any of the Dubai real estate portal and find countless property listings yourself, working with an estate agent may no longer be considered a need. On the contrary, a professional is what you always need to grab the best property deal in the market. An agent does much more than just accompanying you to the viewings; they are helpful when you are unable to decide one from all available properties for sale in Dubai, where to buy and how to negotiate the best price. 

Real estate agents are the market experts and they know which communities are the best to invest in, which properties are set to grow in value and what you can expect in near future. Eventually, they are the ones who can help you separate your emotions from the property you are interested in and assist you to make a better rational investment decision. 

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